In 2016, Sully was barely surviving in a Turkish forest before he was rescued by volunteers from Retrieve a Golden of the Midwest (RAGOM). He was issued a passport and flew from Istanbul to Minneapolis, where he found his forever family with Scott, Christie and fur brother, Buddy. Sully and Christie became a registered therapy animal team with Pet Partners in 2017. Since then, Sully has been staying busy going on therapy visits, chasing squirrels in his backyard, enjoying long walks, and receiving love from his family and everyone he meets.

Sully’s Book

Sully: Written and Illustrated by Christie Lindemann

Everyone can read about RAGOM’s very own Sully! From being abandoned in a Turkish Forest to providing comfort as a registered Therapy Dog, Sully’s journey reminds us that no matter how hard obstacles in our life may be, we can overcome almost anything with lots of love.

Author and Illustrator: Christie Lindemann – buy a copy to benefit Retrieve a Golden of the Midwest!

Sully’s News Stories

Sully the golden retriever refugee rescued from Turkey
Sully plays piano

Sully’s Photo Gallery